How to care for your nails?

Published: 22-09-2023

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Hands and nails are one of your best assets. They are almost always the first thing people look at. Well-groomed nails make the other person feel comfortable shaking your hand. Moreover, well-kept nails, with a regular shape and elegant patterns, can serve as an accessory that will add charm to any styling. But what to do if your nails are damaged and weak?

Nails are considered beautiful when they are well-shaped and healthy. Even though you cover the defects of your nails with a thick layer of polish, it will not help in their regeneration. To do this, use the appropriate treatment. The right nail care product will help you get rid of the problem and effectively nourish the nail plate. And the proper care will ensure a healthy appearance of your nails. What should you do to keep your nails in good condition?

First of all, pay attention to the length of your nails. It is very important to adjust the length of your nails to your lifestyle. This will protect your nails from breaking. There is no doubt that the length of nails is an individual matter. Some people prefer long nails, and some prefer their nails to be trimmed short. But remember that you put your nails to the test every day, for example when doing housework or sports. Therefore, their length should not make it difficult for you to perform these activities. A length of about 1 inch (2.5 centimetres) is considered optimal.

Daily nail care is recommended to keep your nails looking healthy and attractive. What is meant by daily nail care? How to nourish nails effectively? What nail care products to use? You will find some helpful hints below.

— Apply a hand cream to your hands and massage it gently into your fingers and nails after washing your hands. The cream should have a UV filter that prevents skin damage.
— Use conditioners and oils with softening properties. To nourish and moisturize your nails and nail cuticles, apply castor oil to them, preferably at night.
— Use protective gloves when cleaning. Some chemicals in cleaning products can dry out or irritate your skin.
— Use a hand scrub once or twice a week. It will certainly improve the appearance of the skin on your hands. The cuticles around your nails will become soft and smooth.
— Follow the rules for filing nails. File dry nails only and stick to one direction (do not saw back and forth).
— If you paint your nails every day, take a break from time to time for a nourishing treatment.
— Avoid using press-on nails frequently. This effectively weakens the nail plate.

Sometimes your nails become weak and brittle. This is often caused by an inadequate diet. A well-balanced diet combined with proper care can really revitalize your nails. To improve the condition of your nails, eat foods such as:

— spinach and lettuce, rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E and iron;
— fish and cod liver oil, both of which provide adequate amounts of vitamin B1 and B2;
— tomatoes, rich in vitamins A and C and zinc;
— nuts, which contain zinc, magnesium, sulphur and other nutrients.

Castor oil works great in external care. It keeps nail cuticles in good condition and nourishes the entire nail plate. Olive oil is also beneficial for your nails. Combined with castor oil, it will moisturize and brighten your nails if you painted the nail plate with a dark polish without first applying a base coat.


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